CNFT Universe

HashGuardians Whitepaper -This document describes a project in development and is being regularly updated- Last Update - January 28, 2022

The information described in the previous sections represents the core functions of the HashGuardians gameplay and the interactions of the Cardano blockchain with our NFT based gaming economy. This will be the foremost priority as we develop the gaming platform and grow from an early startup into a fully functional platform. Our full vision for the HashGuardians Universe, however, does not end there. When we speak of the HashGuardians Universe, we do mean a universe – one that is filled with a wide variety of creatures and characters. Our full vision is to develop an open universe inclusive of other Cardano projects. One where owners of other 2D character based NFTs can directly enter, play, and participate with their HashGuardian friends. We want to build a complete ecosystem for Cardano 2D projects, giving everyone a chance to hang out, play and earn in the form of NFTs, and have fun together! There are many milestones to achieve and goals to accomplish in reaching this vision, but we remain dedicated and determined in our efforts to make it a reality.

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