HashGuardians Universe

HashGuardians Universe is an action-adventure gaming platform focused on entertaining gameplay, player engagement, and classic arcade fun. We are building community driven content focused on the creation of a true multiplayer universe – one filled with a variety of creatures and characters.

Based upon a player-focused economy and blockchain technology, the HashGuardians Universe will enable players to directly benefit from gameplay through claimable NFTs and HashCoins obtained by completing quests, mini-games, and open-world adventures using their unique HashGuardians NFT.

Equip your HashGuardians with unique loot items (minted as NFTs) or sell these items to other players on the secondary market.

Connect with other HashGuardian players as you work cooperatively to complete in-game challenges and grow your HashCoin fortunes.

Join us and become the strongest HashGuardian in the universe!


The information provided in this document are not legally binding. The concepts and ideas in this document are not guaranteed. No products should be purchased as mean of investment or a expected return.

The details are intended to be purely informational and based upon possible future developments of the team and the company.




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