Early Adopter Items

HashGuardians Whitepaper -This document describes a project in development and is being regularly updated- Last Update - January 28, 2022

Early adopter items are the items, clothing, and weapons with which the original 10,000 HashGuardians NFTs are equipped.

These are permanently linked to the HashGuardians NFT and are intended to give the HashGuardians NFTs value beyond entry into the game. These weapons and items will always have special value and be known for exceptional performance.

All early adopter items are rare, epic or legendary rarities.

The rarity level of the item is determined by the official trait list. The exact rarity list of items and weapons will be added to this whitepaper during the development process.

Purchase of early adopter items will only be possible through the purchase of an equipped HashGuardians NFT.

Benefits of early adopter items:

  • Extra farming multiplier bonus

  • Extra missions and adventures for early adopter items

  • Unique appearance and weapon art for HashGuardians

In the final HashGuardians game, weapons and items can be equipped or changed as desired.

Early adopter items from the can only be sold along with their associated HashGuardians NFT. These items will never be sold or minted by us again.

The number of early adopter weapons, clothes, and items will be limited and always maintain their unique value.

Early adopter items will only be available with the original 10,000 HashGuardian NFTs.

This means that each HashGuardian NFT not only grants entry into the HashGuardians Universe, but it also contains a number of early adopter items associated with it. Note: the items contained within the Early-Adopter HashBoxes are separate from the original items described above. More information regarding Early-Adopter HashBoxes can be found in the HashBoxes section of this whitepaper.

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