Game Economy

HashGuardians Whitepaper -This document describes a project in development and is being regularly updated- Last Update - January 28, 2022

Quests and mini-games will be the key to our HashGuardians economy. Through these, players will be able to earn free NFTs, HashCoins, weapons, and other items. Play more to level up your HashGuardian account and unlock new adventures.

Looted or discovered items, such as weapons and clothing, are all potential NFTs. These can be used by the player, traded with other players, or sold on the secondary markets.

HashCoins are also central to our game economy, and more detail can be found under the HashCoins section of this whitepaper.

How will the NFT system work?

In contrast to many other blockchain based games, players in the HashGuardians universe will not be forced to immediately decide whether or not to pick up (and thusly mint) loot items.

Control over which items are minted and which remain ‘game only’ will be completely given to the player.

Players will carry as many items as their inventory allows back to a central storage area on their HashGuardians spaceship. From there, players will be able to review items and determine their value.

After the player has decided which items they would like to mint as an on-chain NFT, they will be able to do so through an in-game minting system.

After minting is complete, the NFTs will be automatically sent to the player’s associated Cardano wallet. At this point, the player will be able to keep the items, trade the NFTs with other players, or sell them on the secondary market for ADA.

Advantages of the HashGuardians System

  • Reduced minting fees by allowing players to avoid minting items individually.

  • Allows for in-game use of all items at no cost to the player.

  • Allows for extensive market research prior to deciding whether or not to mint an item.

  • Unminted items can be stored in-game and used or minted at a later date.

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