HashGuardians Whitepaper -This document describes a project in development and is being regularly updated- Last Update - January 28, 2022

To reward loyal HashGuardian NFT holders, we are creating a reward system around the HashGuardians universe.

HashCoins are the staking rewards for HashGuardian holders and will be the in-game currency of the HashGuardians game.

Every HashGuardians holder will receive 100 HashCoins per month for each HashGuardian owned. There will be a wallet snapshot on the first day of each month. HashCoins will be available to claim on our website after the monthly wallet snapshot.

HashCoin Utility

With HashCoins, players will be able to:

  • Buy in-game items to aid their progress in the game.

  • Buy HashBoxes for a chance at rare NFT drops, additional HashCoins, and other in-game items.

  • Purchase future HashGuardians related NFT mints with HashCoins instead of ADA.

Items purchased with HashCoins will be on-chain NFTs. This will allow them to be sold or purchased on the secondary market using ADA.

We are working on acquiring a legal license for a financial tokenomic of the HashCoins. This would allow us to trade HashCoins on exchanges as a native Cardano token. We are working towards accomplishing this, but for now, HashCoins will remain an in-game currency. At this time, we do not have an estimated date of when this will be accomplished.

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