HashGuardians Whitepaper -This document describes a project in development and is being regularly updated- Last Update - January 28, 2022

HashBoxes will serve as the item and loot box in the HashGuardians Universe. Some loot boxes will be available for purchase, while others will be free to claim for HashGuardian NFT holders.

HashBoxes (and their contents) are on-chain NFTs which can be sold or traded by players on the secondary market.

HashBox Contents

HashBoxes may contain a randomly generated combination of:

  • Items or weapons of different rarity levels

  • Random HashCoin rewards

  • HashGuardians related NFTs

  • Access to exclusive collaborations with other NFT projects

  • Special airdrops for HashBox holders

There will be a variety of HashBox designs and themes, and the contents of the HashBox will reflect the theme of the individual HashBox.

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