Items and Weapons

HashGuardians Whitepaper -This document describes a project in development and is being regularly updated- Last Update - January 28, 2022

Weapons, clothing, and other equipable items are the basic loot of each HashGuardian. With these items, HashGuardians can be equipped individually and specifically for different missions.

With our inventory system, each player will be able to equip their HashGuardian with any currently owned items. Think of it like having access to an armory of HashGuardians equipment!

Additional items, weapons, and clothing can be discovered or earned while playing the HashGuardians game. Purchasing NFT based equipment from the secondary market will be an option as well.

Occasional HashBox drops via public sale or as airdrop rewards for HashGuardians NFT holders will also include random assortments of weapons, clothing, new NFTs, and other items.

HashGuardian items will be divided into different rarity levels based upon the rarity of their traits. The exact rarity list of items and weapons will be added to this whitepaper during the development process. Rarity levels will include:

  • Common

  • Uncommon

  • Rare

  • Epic

  • Legendary

All earned items, clothing, and weapons are able to be minted as an on-chain NFTs and sold or traded on secondary marketplaces.

HashGuardian NFTs that are not originally equipped with a weapon will be able to choose a common level weapon for every adventure or quest. Once a higher rarity weapon is discovered by the player, it will be available to for use as well.

Early adopter items equipped on the original HashGuardian NFTs are not able to be sold separately. They will remain locked to their unique HashGuardian.

More information regarding early adopter items is provided on the next page.

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